New License

Once you successfully pass the examination conducted by III (Insurance Institute of India) and the trainer has submitted your Training Completion Certificate, you can apply for a surveyor license with IRDA.


In order to obtain a new surveyor license, you need to fill and submit an application form to IRDA along with the scanned copies of the supporting documents. IRDA reviews and validates the application and then, approves or rejects it.

To apply for a New License:

1.   Click Trainee tab.

2.   Click Licensing tab.

3.   Click New License. The New License Application (Form 1-AF) is displayed. All the mandatory fields in the form are marked with an asterisk (*).

The new license application process comprises of the following sections:

1.    Trainee Details

2.    Training and Experience

3.   Employee Details

4.   License Details

5.   Upload Documents

6.   Form Preview

The buttons available in the New License Application (Form 1-AF) are explained in the following table.





Click to submit the application form once you have selected the declaration check box.


Click to stop the application processing and return to the home page. This action will also clear all the information entered without saving it.

Save as Draft

Click to save all the data entered in the form. You can use this option if you want to submit the form at a later time.

View Submitted Form

Click to view the submitted New License Application (Form 1-AF) in read only mode.


Click to print the New License Application (Form 1-AF).


Click to clear the data entered.


Click to go to previous section.


Click to go to the next section.


The Licensing tab is available only after submission of Training Completion Certificate by your trainers.