Trainer Selection

To enroll yourself as a trainee, you first need to select the department and the trainer under whom you want to undergo training.

Creating New Request

In Create New Request, you can select the departments in which you want to be trained and the trainer under whom you would like to undergo training. You need to send this request to the trainer.

To Create New Request:

1.   Click Trainee tab.

2.   Click Surveyor Training and Enrollment tab.

3.   On the Surveyor Training and Enrollment screen, click Trainer Selection and then click Create new request.

4.   Select the department in which you want to be trained by selecting the corresponding check box. You can select more than one department.

5.   Click Select Trainer. The Trainer Selection Table section is displayed.

6.   In the Select Trainer column, click the cell corresponding to the department for which you want to select the trainer. Click  to display the list of trainers. You can filter the list by entering a search criteria in the empty field below the column names and then clicking the filter icon.

7.   From the list of trainers, select the trainer under whom you would like to undergo training. The detail of the selected trainer is displayed in the Trainer Selection Table section.

8.   Click Submit. The User Confirmation Message dialog box is displayed to confirm submission.

9.   Click Yes. An Acknowledgement dialog box is displayed notifying that you have successfully selected the trainer.

10.   Click OK.

The trainer whom you have selected for training can either accept or reject the training request. You can view the status of the training request from View Submitted Requests tab.


You will see the list of trainers from the same state where you reside. You can select a maximum of seven departments and a maximum of four trainers of category A and B only if required.